Traceability via secured and dynamic marking
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Traceability via secured and dynamic marking

DIRECT PART MARKING + RFID authentication = 2 complementary technologies integrated in a UNIQUE & inovating TRACEABILITY SOLUTION

  • Direct and permanent marking of all your components with proven reliable marking equipment.
  • Redundant, dynamic and secured data memory on RFID tag, providing origin and product history authentication.
  • Complete interoperability, Full EPC UHF Gen 2 compatibility.

" Identify & trace your parts in complete security throughout their life cycle. "

The benefits of a complete identification

Improving the quality and productivity

Reduced maintenance

Fight against counterfeiting and data corruption

Reduced operating costs

Automatic and secured collection of data, easy control at every stage.

Simplifies the tracking and management of assets and equipments, on-line or off-line.

Enhance your product by a permanent and high quality mark + ensure unforgeable and unclonable data.

Quick to implement and easy to use.


Gravotech: Your international traceability partner

Expert in Marking, Identification and Safety, Gravotech is able to support directly your project wherever you are and can manage major integration programmes across the globe thanks to a unique subsidiary network.

Close to our customers, the group has 3 engineering centres in Asia, Europe and USA and experienced own teams over more than 30 countries in 5 continents.